Making sure confidential information stays confidential.

The Situation

Redaction is the editing of an image or document to render information unreadable. Many agencies use redaction to hide sensitive and private information. For example, when working with employee records, there may be a need to hide certain information, such as the employee's social security number. It can also be useful for government agencies that choose not to disclose specific information. This is in agreement with the Freedom of Information Act, which �provides that any person has a right to request access to federal agency records, except to the extent the records are protected from disclosure� by exemptions in the law. Manual redaction is slow and costly. Your company needs a program that can allow users to quickly redact a document.

Product Overview

REDACTIS allows you to redact an image, blocking out confidential information.

REDACTIS allows the user to redact by following a few easy steps: first, the user searches for the document, then redacts the confidential area, and finally, chooses to save and/or print the redacted document. Permanently redacted documents are available through the IDM desktop just like any other document.

Key Features

Not all redaction applications are equal. It is important for your company to choose a product that has all the features you need.

REDACTIS offers you the following:

  • hides private information
  • integrated with FileNet Panagon
  • built in security features

FileNet IDM Integration

REDACTIS is fully integrated with FileNet Panagon. This seamless integration makes REDACTIS a perfect addition to you r Panagon system.


A standard IDM advanced find interface is provided with REDACTIS. Your users won't spend time learning new technology.


Save generates a new redacted document and gives it a new Document ID. Save can be configured to optionally delete the old document. It can also be configured to set properties on both the new and old document to identify their redacted status.

Redaction Color Selection

REDACTIS allows for a variety of colors for redacting or editing out certain pieces of information.

Undo Redaction Before Save

With REDACTIS it is possible to make changes before permanently saving a redacted document.


Print functions for printing the redacted document. Users can print temporary redacted documents directly to a local printer.

Intuitive Interface

Zoom in, zoom out and paging controls make redacting the documents quick and precise.

REDACTIS Queue Manager

In situations where higher volume redaction is needed, we recommend adding the REDACTIS queue manager server component to your suite. Queue manager maintains a list of items in time-sorted order. Operators can automatically retrieve the next document without additional effort, thus greatly improving their performance.


With REDACTIS, your redaction process begins with the need for good security. REDACTIS allows only authorized users in a given usergroup to perform permanent redaction. REDACTIS also allows you to add security permissions to the newly redacted document. All security configurations use Panagon security, making security management simple.