Scan Doctor

Business Solution

Scan Doctor is the low-cost solution FileNet users have been looking for to take the productivity and accuracy of their FileNet system to a new level. With Scan Doctor, you will finally have the ability to fix committed documents without reprinting and re-scanning. Empower your team to streamline and continuously improve your business.

The Situation

Anyone who has worked with scanners will tell you that accidents are inevitable regardless of how hard your staff attempts to prevent them. There are several potential problems after documents are committed: Upside-down or bad scans Missed scans, due to the scan of two or more physical pages together as one digital page Missing pages that were in the original document Out-of-order scans (Pages 1, 2, and 3 are scanned as 1, 3, and 2) These mistakes cost companies tens of thousands of dollars every year in wasted staff time. Remedies to correct a scan can be cumbersome, such as finding the physical document and rescanning it. In some cases, the staff member may not have direct access to the physical file, and will have to wait while the request for the document is processed at an off-site storage center. Whatever the issue, rescanning translates to expensive downtime. Non-value added tasks are doubly expensive because of the opportunity cost involved with unproductive work. Your team could be spending time on creating a more profitable business.

Product Overview

With Scan Doctor you can now adjust, collate and transpose committed FileNet documents electronically to save valuable time and increase productivity.

Easy to use drag and drop functionality

An attempt to reprint and rescan the document often creates a file with degraded image quality.

Key Features

Reorder and Reassemble

Cut and paste between one or more committed documents, allowing the user to integrate scans to make up for a missing page.


Rotate pages in a document, to easily fix crooked or upside-down scans.


Break up an existing document into two new documents.

Seamless integration with FileNet Properties and Annotations

Another benefit of Scan Doctor includes the retention of FileNet properties and annotations. With the old method of rescanning, the properties and annotations associated with a document were lost, so they had to be entered manually, increasing the chance for errors and wasting company productivity. Scan Doctor keeps your properties and annotations, saving time and money.


Add new pages to an existing document or replace a damaged page by using the rescan feature.