Integral Scan Station

Key Features

Integral Data Solutions has created a software suite designed for distributed indexing environments that require custom integration with host systems. Integral Scan Station batch-scanning software is designed to work with Kofax (R) scan cards. It provides essential features such as:

  • Batch cover sheets via bar code recognition and routing
  • Visual auditing to identify and reduce errors
  • Redundant verifications to ensure that your data is exported properly
  • Batch exports which free up the Scan Station
  • Compatibility with all scanners supported by Kofax cards
  • Compatibility with currently supported Kofax cards

Common Features

Integral Scan Station works hand-in-hand with Integral Index Station. Integral Index Station allows you to index a document and to work on a group of documents of a particular type, to easily manage your workload. Security features can also place limits on which document types a particular user can see.

Common features include:

  • Rescan request.
  • Change document type request.
  • Retrieve different document types.
  • Export to a variety of Document Storage Managers.

Integral Doc Manager manages the file processes and allows managers to see exact status of completed and pending documents. If any need to be rescanned or have their type changed, Integral Doc Manager provides an easy interface to make updates.

Like all Integral products, the Scan Suite has been proven to handle the most industrial-strength workloads, and is backed with IDS service and support.