Migration to/from
P8 Content Manager

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Your Challenge: Migrating to or from FileNet P8 Content Manager.

Integral Data Solutions offers the most comprehensive suite of services and products for FileNet P8 Content Manager conversion.

Our export tool will extract document classes, properties, folder structure, and documents from your existing Content repository.  Our bulk load tool loads your metadata and content directly into or out of Content Engine Object Store.  We can recreate your document classes, properties and folder structure to be identical to your repository .  Optionally, we can create a custom mapping from the old to the new.   Conversion from TIFF to PDF are available.  If you do not already have an Object Store, our team will assist you with P8 FileNet Enterprise Manager to create an object store with custom classes, properties, hierarchies, and relationships.  Providing an audit trail of the conversion is essential.  Our conversion utility will provide a mapping of the Document ID to/from Content Manager GUID.  You will rest comfortably knowing your conversion was successful.  If you have custom applications, we can migrate these to your new platformT.  We can merge your custom application within the FileNet P8 Workplace Application Engine or create a custom website.

Our conversion path is not limited to only P8.  If your Migration is from another source, we can help.  We are also able to assist with conversions to and from other platforms including EMC Documentum, OpenText, Hyland, Oracle, and Sharepoint Portal Server.

Knowledge, experience, innovation, and flexibility - qualities of Integral Data Solutions that lead to a data conversion project that will consistently meet or exceed your expectations.

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